AudioSource Streams

Welcome To AudioSource Streams, your home for dependable and quality ShoutCastand IceCast streams. We offer unlimited listeners and unlimited bandwidth with speeds at 128 KB/s or 192 KB/s. We also offer 3gb of AutoDJ with certain streams. All at affordable prices. With servers located in the US and in Europe.
No Overages – Free Setup
Once you pay for your package, you’ll receive access to your hosting immediately! You can get your radio online within minutes.

Features Included
No Overages – Free Setup

The price you is the price you pay. With No Overages, no hidden fees!! Pricing is recurring monthly.  Instant Setup on Payment
Once you pay for your package, you’ll receive access to your server immediately! You can get your radio online within minutes.

Every streaming package includes full server control using Centova Cast. It is # 1 in the industry, it allows you to have full control over your Radio server! All done remotely threw any web browser.

We offer a free flash player with many scripts enabling you to integrate your station with your website.
Tune in links for windows media player, winamp, real player and quick time.

  • Server Status See and control your audio stream’s web address, past play list, current track being played, title, genre, number of current listeners, listener peak, and average listener time.
  • Server Control Allows you to start and stop your stream.
  • Configuration Includes setting passwords, setting up an intro file to be played when a listener first tunes in, and setting up your audio stream’s name, description and other details.
  • Listeners View the internet address of your current listeners and see how long they have been listening.
  • Access Control Allows you to ban, kick off, and reserve listening spots for specific internet addresses.
  • Support Submit a trouble ticket if you need any help with your stream.

WHY SHOULD I HAVE A AudioSource Stream?

Streaming internet radio is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of the internet.
Now anyone may quickly and economically run their own radio station to advertise their musical creations or enjoy the songs of their favorite artists. Due to our easy to use web-based interface, no prior knowledge on the working internals is necessary. Also, streaming audio takes up a lot of bandwidth, often much more than you can support off your home internet connection. Our stable servers and high capacity bandwidth take over this strain and enable you to broadcast at a higher quality and support more listeners.

AudioSource Streams is an inexpensive solution for DJ’s or bands who want to get their music out to the world and gain attention. Why bother with the cost and hassle of demo tapes, when you can direct interested parties to your own station and let them listen through the internet. If you have a website you can have a link on your site that will directly open a user’s media player and begin playing your audio stream. It’s the perfect way to get your music out to people all over the globe.