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SHOUTcast V2

What Is SHOUTcast V2

SHOUTcast v2 has a completely redesigned API

While SHOUTcast v1 offered a mix of HTML and XML one can better control every aspect of SHOUTcast v2 over well-documented XML interfaces. From the usage side, the main advantage of the SHOUTcast v2 stream server is the possibility to have many streams on a single server instance and on the very same TCP port.

With SHOUTcast v2, the stream server also comes with extended metadata support, more input audio file formats, and finally Unicode support.  You are also able to have SHOUTcast v2 cross fade automatically to blend into a running station playlist.

Using SHOUTcast v1 with Centova requires you to manually stop the AutoDJ prior to going live.

Using SHOUTcast v2 in Centova affords the AutoDJ to seamlessly fade out while your live stream begins. Likewise, when the DJ stops the encoder the AutoDJ will fade back in.

Why AudioSource with SHOUTcast V2

Since 2009, We’ve provided something much more valuable our genuine passion for shoutcast hosting. We’re so passionate about our products that we offer 99.9%.

CentovaCast – V3 Streaming Radio Hosting Control Panel

SHOUTcast V2 web-based management console – Centova Cast is the world’s most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Centova Cast can handle icecast, shoutcast and centovacast v3 includes the latest in features such as automated song requests, dj manager with automated switching from auto dj to live broadcast (xFade) and more.

FREE SHOUTcast V2 Flash Player

SHOUTcast V2 Hosting Plan come with most advance shoutcast mp3 & aac supported flash player, Embed it onto your website with simple copy & paste Code. Flash player Works with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and yes it free

iPhone Support

Create a HTML5 web player of your SHOUTcast V2 streams with the exclusive Free shoutcast player Generator, Streaming capability to deliver the best sounding AAC/MP3 audio to Iphone or IPad

Android Support

Turn Your Internet Radio Stations into Android Apps. The application will be available on the Google Play Store and your listeners will be able to download your radio app from google play.Android App is a native android live streaming app and come with Play/Pause/Stop Live Radio Stream with Supported MP3, AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC formats