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What is Auto DJ?

Want the party to keep going but hey we all need to sleep sometimes right?

Auto DJ is a Source or Content Delivery System for SHOUTcast V2 and IceCast 2 servers. It allows you to keep your server online 24/7 without having to run a source (eg Winamp or SAM Broadcaster) from your computer.

You can upload your music files to Auto DJ and they will play from the server, meaning you may switch your PC off overnight and your stream will still be on air for people to listen to.

But the best part is you do not need 2 servers. With our AutoDJ streams you still have the option to go Live. Make multiple DJ sccounts and fade in and out seamlessly all with one server.

Each AutoDJ server comes with 3gb of storage for your music,

Keep the party going all day and all night