Most Common Fixall

A lot of the times when you have a issue with your stream, it can be resolved by simply logging into your Cpanel Server and doing a Stop then Start. Crazy right? But try to think about your stream server like your home PC. You server is on ALL THE TIME!!! So every so often it's a good idea to stop it then start it again. It helps resolve a lot of problems.
 The process is easy. Skill level 0 really.

Log into your control panel using your user name and password.
If you are on a NorthEast server your control panel is located at:
If you are on a  East server your control panel is located at:
If you are on a SouthEast server your control panel is located at:

Once you are logged in on the left hand side you will see General, Configuration, Statistics, Server, Session.

So under Server, if your stream is up and running you will see Stop | Reload | Admin
Click on Stop and you should get a pop up asking if you really wont to: Go ahead and click Yes or OK, Trust me I'm a professional :P

Now once you click that your page should refresh (and that is a should) and under server it will now just say Start, Click that and once again confirm your actions on the pop up. And you should be good to go :)

If your page does not refresh after the pop up just hit F5 on your keyboard or click the refresh icon on your web browser of choice.

Hope fully this clears up any issues you might have. IF it doesn't look at our other FAQs or submit a ticket and we will help you out.

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