Setting Up a Live DJ account with AutoDJ

So you have an AutoDJ stream but you still want the option of going live or having other DJs go live on your stream. This is a simple process but first you need to make the DJ account.

To do this you will need to log into your control panel using the user name and Admin password you got in your Welcome email. 

Once you are logged in on the left hand side of the screen you will see a section called Configuration and under that you will see Settings | Widgets | DJs Click on the DJs link

Under the DJ Management window on the right hand side click on Create DJ Account.

First enter a Username for the DJ for this example our DJ is names DJAudio.
Enter in a password for this account. For this example our password is Passw0rd1
Then enter it in again to Confirm the password.
Enter in the Real Name of the DJ (no one will see this but is required and helps when managing your DJs)
Status should be set to Enable (If you disable this they will not be able to log in)
Under Privileges You need to at least select Start/stop the stream and Start/stop the autoDJ. This will allow them to actually go live. The other option are kind of risky as they could end up deleting all of the music in the AutoDJ. Use at your own discretion. I also would not enter anything into Disk Quota.

You can set up Login Restriction if needed (this will allow that DJ only to log in when they are allowed to. If you do not do anything with this (All days are grey and there are no times selected) they will be able to log in any time 24/7

Click Save.

You DJ is now set up. Now you will need to give your DJs information so they can set up their Encoder in SAM or whatever software they are going to use.

Under General on the left hand side click on Quick Links

On the next page about 1/2 down you will see Live Source Connections.
Your DJs will be using the first connection that says "When the autoDJ is running and you want to broadcast live to all autoDJ-controlled mount points:"
You Djs will need to set up their Encoder as a ShoutCast V1 protocol (Yes I know your stream is a ShoutCast V2 stream but this is how your live DJs need to set up to allow them to stream live.

You will also notice that the port number you are going to give them differs from your streams port number. This is also to allow them to stream live.

So using our example above the DJ would enter this information in the software.

Protocol: ShoutCast V1
Server Host Name: 
Server Port: XXXX
Bit Rate 128
Password: DJAudio:Passw0rd1 (Yes exactly like that with the : ) If their software has a section for user name leave it blank or use the default (In SAM I believe it is source) just don’t put anything in.

Now here is how this will work. Your AutoDJ is on playing music you uploaded. DJAudio is ready to go live.
As they start their music in their streaming software and turn on their encoder they will fade in as the AutoDJ fades out. It's a seamless connection. (Keep in mind there can be up to a 30 second delay from when they start streaming to when the music is actually heard on the radio. This is normal)

When DJAudio finishes their set all they have to do is stop their encoder. They will fade out and the AUtoDJ will fade back in. Your DJs will never have to start or stop the server itself.

Pretty wicked huh?

As always if you have questions or need help please submit a ticket and we will be happy to help you out.

Have a great day.

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