Adding Music To Your Server

Before your stream can be activated you need to upload music to your server. This is done through the control panel.

Before you load any music the files should be encoded to the speed that your service is set to. (If you have a 128 KB/s stream your music files should be converted to 128 or lower. If they are at a higher encoded speed then you may have issues (like your music sounds like the chipmunks version of the song).

There are a few software programs you can download to help with the conversion process. I prefer using a program called fre:ac it's free and pretty simple to use. ( )
Of course you can use any software you like as long as it works for you.

Once you have your files ready to go log into your control panel  with  your user name and admin password that came in your Welcome email.

Once logged in you will see on the left hand side a section that say AutoDJ and under that 3 links Playlist | Media | Flies.

Click on files and this will take you to the files section.
You should have the folder "media" selected.
At the bottom of the screen you will see a button called "Upload" Click that.
You will get a pop up called File Manager. On this menu you will also find you Available Space. This is handy so you do not go over your limit.
Click Select Files and browse for your music. (I find it handy to keep all my files in the same directory.
You can upload 1 at a time ot all of them at a time. I find it best to load 10 to 15 songs at a time. This way you can ensure you do not go over your limit.
The File Manager will show you the progress of your uploads.
Once you are done click close. You should see your files now on the server.
In the lower left hand side of your screen click "Return.

Now you need to click on "Media" under the AutoDJ section.
On this page you will see 4 sections. 
On the far left are your Playlist (Heavy, Light and Standard are already active and ready to use.
The top box to the left of the two boxes shows the groups or artist that you have loaded. When you click on the group or artist in that box in the top right box you will see the albums by that group or artist that you have loaded. And if you left click one of those albums you will see the songs on that album in the lower box. Don’t worry this is pretty simple set up. I promise.

I like to use the standard playlist. That way all the songs get an equal amount of playtime on the station. The fastest way to get your station up and running is to Left click the top group or artist in the Top left box the scroll down to the last artist and while holding down your shift button left click the bottom artist. IF you did this right then all of them are highlighted in blue.
Now with the left mouse button still pressed down drag all the groups over to the standard rotation folder.

And that's it. They are all there. Left click the Standard Rotation folder on the left hand side and you should see a white box on the right with all your files there. Click "Save" in the lower right hand corner. Then click "Return" in the lower left hand corner.

All you have to do now is click on Start under the Server section on the left hand side. And your station is now streaming.

Pretty easy huh :)

If you have any questions or need help please let us know but submitting a ticket.

Have a great day :)

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