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Your Music, Your LIfe

Dependable SHOUTcast and ICEcast servers at prices that will not break the bank. Easy to Setup and Easy to use.


Instant Setup / No Contract
As soon the we receive your payment, we will process your order and email your account information

Live Streaming and AutoDJ
Stream live, set up multiple DJs or upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming without the need of having your computer on 24/7

24/7 Online Support
Our Knowledge Base articles contain step by step information, tutorials and videos to help you to start your internet radio station as soon as possible

Free Widgets
That you can embed into your web site’s pages to automatically provide information about your station, including tune-in links.

Shoutcast Hosting
Shoutcast Radio is an internet radio broadcasting tool, usually used for audio streaming. It can be used by radio stations or end users, to bring audio or video content to an internet audience. SHOUTcast server uses MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) and AAC+ technology. we offer special aacPlus / Flash functional icecast hosting plans for low price. each icecast hosting plans come with world’s most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel call CentovaCast.

Icecast Hosting
Icecast is also used for internet radio streaming. Currently supports MpP3, AAC+, Ogg (Vorbis and Theora) and OPUS audio streams. There is not much difference between Shoutcast and Icecast both contain the same features.

Prices The Won't Breat The Bank

The Basics

Simple and Easy To Use
Starting @ $2.99 a Month
  • SHOUTcast V1
  • 96 - 256 Kb/s
  • CentovaCast
  • 3 locations to pick from
  • No AutoDJ
  • Not Upgradable

The Norm 1

SHOUTcast servers with AutoDJ
Starting @ 3.99 a Month
  • SHOUTcast V2
  • 96 - 256 Kb/s
  • CentovaCast
  • 3 locations to pick from
  • 500MB AutoDJ Included
  • Upgradeable

The Norm 2

ICEcast servers with AutoDJ
Starting @ $3.99 a Month
  • ICEcast 2
  • 96 - 256 Kb/s
  • CentovaCast
  • 3 locations to pick from
  • 500MB AutoDJ Included
  • Upgradeable

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